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Our History

In February 1968, George and Jean Bidwell, along with their kids, rented a truck camper to co camping. George said to Jean, “I could build one of those.” He proceeded to take all the measurements, and 3 to 4 days they had a brand new truck camper. So George met with some of his buddies and decided to start a business. They decided to combine their middle initials to spell F.A.M.E. Manufacturing. They started making truck campers but soon expanded to travel trailers, truck caps, and 5th wheels. 

In 1970, George’s brothers, Dick Bidwell and Bob Bidwell bought out the other owners. With this change they continued to move forward with new trailer designs customized to fit the needs of each customer. FAME quickly established a name in the Rv community.

In 1993 Bob and George retired. At that time Dan Bidwell, George’s son, and Mark Simcheck, George’s son-in-law, bought into the business. As the years passed big corporate manufacturers were starting to sell trailers faster and cheaper than FAME could even build them…not to mention the price of insurance. So in 1998, with mixed emotions, FAME decided to make their last trailer. Now today, our once 4 man family business is still thriving. Our service crew (the same guys that used to build from scratch) are top notch and FAME Manufacturing, now FAME RV Center is still going strong.

Bidwell Bidwell3


   Dan Bidwell - Owner/Sales                                                            Dick Bidwell - Owner/Repairs/Retired

Claspy Cherpak
  Marsi Claspy - Bookkeeper                                                              Shannon Cherpak - Parts Manager

Potts Dangel

  Kevin Potts - Service Tech                                                               Ed Dangel - Service Manager

Courson Latta

   Bob Courson - Park Model Service Tech                                         Tim Latta - Service Tech

Bailey Bidwell

  Brenda Bailey - Owner/Sales                                                          Derek Bidwell - Sales

New Denny Bidwell

  Denny Bidwell - Park Model Service Tech
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